About Elevate.Games

This might be the easiest game you ever played. Just place a UPS, watch it multiply, and SNATCH before the game bust!—Voila! You have won the game!

Stay Connected

It’s more than just a game! You can chat with other users and view historical stats as well as other player’s real-time betting activity.


Feeling Lucky?

Think you’re a lucky person? Trigger the jackpot wheel with free Gems and stand a chance to win our fabulous Jackpot prizes. All you need to do is SPIN & WIN! .

How to Play the Game

At the beginning of each round, players place their bets. As the round progresses, the multiplier grows and the aim of the game is to Snatch anytime before the graph crashes.

The game is social - users can chat and view historical stats as well as other players’ real-time betting activity. Some game rounds (over 50× multiplier) also trigger jackpot wheels which give participants a chance to win one of jackpots.


Start the game

Start the game by placing your UPS (1 UPS = 1 game credit). There are 3 ways to adjust your UPS size: by clicking the CHANGE BET button, by using the bet slider, or by clicking one of the hot bet buttons. The graph shows the value of your UPS, starting at 1x up to 1,000,000,000x (Yes, that's one Billion!)



At any moment during the game, you can click Snatch to take home the profit of the current multiplier. You can also click the Advanced options button to set your AUTO SNATCH value (Default value will be 2,500×). To win as much as possible, Snatch when it’s closest to your chosen multiplier. But remember, you need to Snatch before the multiplier goes bust!


Busted-Game Over

Busted! — if you see this text on the screen, that means the game is over. You lose your bet if: The multiplier busted before reaching your chosen multiplier or; You didn’t Snatch before the game goes bust.

Be careful! The multiplier can bust at anytime!


New Round

NEW ROUND! — a 5 seconds countdown timer will start counting before a new game round starts. A scoreboard will be shown and you will be able to see the players that have taken part in the game round—their bets, their Snatch multiplier and their win amounts.


Jackpot Wheels

Use Gem to trigger the Jackpot Wheel and start the spin!
(1 Gem = 1 Spin!)

There are many ways for users to get the Gems. For more information on the jackpots, go to the page about Jackpots! For more information on how to get more gems to spin for Jackpots, go to the page About Gems!

There are a total of 8 slots on the Jackpot Wheels; 3 Jackpot prizes for you to win!

SPIN & WIN! A chance to win 3 amazing Jackpot prizes with the free Gems !



Multiply your coins is a crypto game. Place a bet and watch your coins multiply! Snatch anytime to get your bet multiplied by current multiplier - but make sure to do it before the game goes busted!


Win the jackpots

Obtain gems for a chance to spin and win the Jackpots! Stand a chance to win the jackpot regardless whether you snatch before or not.


Invite your friends and play.

Enjoy playing with your friends in real time and see who can stay in for the longest period. All players play in the same live round with live chat and can compete their winnings through the leaderboard.


Bundle Packages

Just started the game and don't know how to continue? Check out our bundle packages to help you start the game right!

asked questions

player can deposit USDT, ETH and BTC and it will auto convert into UPS credits.

Step 1: Select the type of coins.
Step 2: Enter the amount you wish to deposit.
Step 3: Enter wallet address or scan QR code.
Step 4: You’re now ready to Play!

You may withdraw your winnings by converting your UPS credit into USDT.

Step 1: Input the UPS amount you wish to withdraw
Step 2: Convert UPS to USDT
Step 3: Enter wallet address and enter your transaction password to confirm the withdrawal

There are a total of 8 slots on the Jackpot Wheels; 3 Jackpot prizes for you to win!

  • 1X Grand Jackpot

  • 1X Major Jackpot

  • 1X Mini Jackpot

  • 1X 3free spin

  • 1X 1000 UPS

  • 1X 500 UPS

  • 2X try again
  • Get 1 Gem for

  • Every 3 new active downline users (Minimum 2,000 UPS played from each downline users) An account can only receive 50 gems maximum per month.

  • Every 500 UPS wins

  • Daily login (must be an active user and played minimum 1,000 UPS)

  • Logs in consecutively for 7 days (must be an active user and played minimum 1,000 UPS)

  • Every 100 USD worth of UPS played (must be an active user)

  • Every 200 USD spent by active downlines.

  • Consecutive wins of 1.5x for 10 rounds

  • Consecutive wins of 2x for 10 rounds

  • Consecutive wins of 3x for 10 rounds

  • Get 2 Gems for

  • Bet 20x for 1 round with minimum 100 UPS

  • Get 5 Gems for

  • Bet 30x and above for 1 round with minimum 100 UPS

  • The Rewards Payout are given through Referral Bonus (based on Player’s BET) and Network Bonus (based on WIN)